It actually has a recommended load and a breaking strain on the label at Bunnings, which is where I got it

Smooth, soft, fast, secure. It actually makes for a decent looking harness over black clothing or similar; I saw someone wearing it at a perversion party once with some fancy Two Knotty Boys knots in it. A Bunnings, Mitre 10, or other hardware store will have you covered for most things; the Internet will get the rest. You’re going to need a decent diameter on your rope. When I last used it in a lesson, the model exclaimed over how nice it felt. Again, it comes in different colours. If you buy from them through a link on my site, they give me a small percentage. Buy Rope! The thinner it is, the more pressure will be concentrated on one spot, which leads to issues with circulation, nerve damage, general discomfort and bruising. Sometimes even scars, if the rope is thin enough and the pressure is applied forcefully enough.

You can almost see the scratchiness. Cons:. The same goes for this as the other synthetic ropes with regards to friction; you will need to use knots. Summary:. Basically all the same cons as the one just above, with the addition of bulkier knots due to the increased thickness of it. Weighs more than the one above, but that’s not a massive issue.

Rope Bondage The Smart Way was distilled down from about six years of learning, practicing, and testing, and contains my go-to practices for my own use of rope bondage in BDSM; with both written instructions and LOTS of annotated pictures to make learning it all easy. Choosing Rope. Apparently it is often used as boat rope, so I’d say it’s fairly hardwearing and durable. Likely to get a very good life span with it. Apparently it is often used as boat rope, so I’d say it’s fairly hardwearing and durable. Likely to get a very good life span with it. Pros:. Both breaking strain and rating provided.

Again, this is related to the lack of friction. This is pretty cool because you don’t get bulky, unsightly looking knots. Summary. In summary, cotton is pretty great for most forms of bondage other than suspension. Update (2018). HOWEVER.

I don’t actually own any of this stuff, because I’ve never felt the need. I had my Zen rope for quick synthetic ties, and I later moved on to focus on natural fibres. It may be because it’s sort of a short fibred rope, or it might just be the stuff I got hold of. But every time I’ve used it, whatever I’ve been wearing or my partner has been wearing has wound up dusted in the stuff. Pros. It’s very light, very smooth, very fast. Somewhat pricey, it comes in a variety of lays (“lay” refers to how tightly it’s twisted together). The tighter the lay, the stiffer and more durable the rope tends to be. As a solid braid, this is much stronger than the polypropylene webbing mentioned above. However, more importantly, this stuff is rated.

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