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So later that night time I settle for that I couldn’t change the truth that she was gonna do it but deeper inside me I was listening to a voice to alter what I mentioned and to inform her no however that didn’t happen. Fast ahead a month earlier than school starts we’re out at the beach and I just ask her if she’s smoked weed once more she was hesitant to reply however I endured her with the question which she then mentioned sure. I was utterly baffled and unhappy or this but I couldn’t let out my feelings as a result of pals had been with us too. I was a boy growing up that every one medication are unhealthy and may never be used and I still go through with that.

I blame myself for it bc I went to a soccer recreation rather than being there for her. I don’t know wether I’m posting this onto this dialogue however If it doesn’t please someone post it.

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If youre not married and at last unbiased and your boyfriend cannot make compromises at this stage, then id say move on from this man. Much that you just love him, he should love you back the identical method. I know its going to be extremely painful to stroll away from him however think about having youngsters and his and his pals influence in your children. Your youngsters, his family and pals will all be into pot and you’ll be the odd one out, regretting ever getting into this example. There are lots of good men out there who shall be worthy of your love and also you of theirs. Something like this that challenges your core values will never be OK with you- and positively not if you see your youngsters into this way of life. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over two years and I knew it from the start that he smokes pot.

I should belief him that he’s not going to whip out a giant joint in front of the youngsters. I should trust that he would solely smoke “when applicable”. But his definition of applicable differs from mine. He has friends who go and get high in the storage while their children are in the home playing.

There are different methods to stay life and I am just too closed-minded to just accept this. According to him I have no idea what I am talking about because I actually have by no means skilled it. I don’t have the identical points of reference as he does. I won’t ever understand how it feels to be high on pot as a result of I won’t ever do it. All I know is how I really feel after I’m round it now and how I really feel after I try to consider a future life where it is something that occurs round me on a reasonably regular basis. I need to feel secure and free in my own home. I don’t wish to have this constraint of fear.

Whenever I get the thought of doing so my thoughts and heart jsut fully wild and I can’t do something for a minute. So then I advised her that I didn’t want her to smoke it again and this time she mentioned okay and to belief her this time that she wasn’t gonna do it. I belief her but every so often I get the idea of her doing it once more and I start to panic after which right now I noticed she wanted to get edibles which results in me penning this at this time. I don’t know what to do I’ve introduced up weed like three-4 instances and I feel like she’s getting annoyed of it. When I stated I didn’t need her to make use of weed I didn’t simply imply by smoking it I meant fully getting rid of it however I don’t assume she obtained that. I need help on her to grasp that so please someone help me out. I am in my mid 30’s and i used to be at all times extremely uncomfortable with drug use- i still am.

And whether or not its ridiculous , or not, its how I really feel. Anyway, the relationship between my boyfriend and me had progressed to the purpose where we started discussing marriage. And needless to say, the marijuana concern has turn into a real sticking point. At first, I was adament that he needed to quit altogether, but he made it very clear that this was not an option for him. So I did some pondering and came to the conclusion that I could repress my natural “flight or struggle” response in sure conditions where it was current.

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At first I thought it was an occasional thing however steadily I realised that be can’t go a day without it. Even when we go to trips with my associates, he would all the time get excessive and generally he would roll a joint in the shifting automobile. My pals also see that this can be a problem and I simply feel embarrassed to go out with him in public or around my friends. He offers the excuse that it’s for his nervousness or melancholy however he never noticed a health care provider to get it prescribed. Sometimes, he would get off the bed to smoke one because he can’t sleep with out it and I’m left wondering whether or not my complete life is gonna appear to be this or even worse. My boyfriend argues that I just don’t trust him. Since it’s not one thing he does when it’s simply the 2 of us hanging out now, he’s probably not going to start out smoking it when it’s just the two of us when we’re married.

To him, this is appropriate for the reason that youngsters have no idea what’s going on. He also has friends who’ve a young baby and simply smoke proper in entrance of it. This is “acceptable” as a result of the infant is too younger to know what’s going on. I feel like all environment with illegal, thoughts-altering drugs in it’s not applicable for kids. To him, this opinion is simply my ” Polyanna” syndrome exhibiting itself again.

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Idk what to do before I end up hurting myself. I need to stay however this has been driving me crazy, especially since she needs me to keep everyone bottled up. I almost ended up smoking it bc I thought that would assist me really feel higher, however I chose not to bc I don’t need it to make me feel worse. Sometimes I ask myself of she even cares for me bc she selected to go behind my again and harm me like that.

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Since this damage me extraordinarily dangerous, I keep in mind the slightest detail from both occasions she smoked it. From the class she had the first time she smoked it, to what seashore she was at with her sister the second time she smoked it. I’ve been making an attempt actually hard, and on the lookout for God for steering but nothing helps. I know I need assistance earlier than I end up hurting myself, but I’m afraid to talk to an grownup about my state of affairs. My girlfriend doesn’t need me speaking in regards to the scenario to anyone, not even her. I asked if I can tell her about my emotions so I can get closer to forgetting about it, but she stated she didn’t need that. It’s been about 6 months since the 1st time she smoked it, however the picture of her doing it is engraved into my mind.